Community Benefits

Making Meaningful Contributions to West Hawai'i's Future

One of the studies that development projects undertake is a community needs assessment. There's no surprise here, we found that access to higher education is the priority for the West Hawai'i community. Everyone agrees that West Hawai'i is one of the most underserved communities and the need for a college campus was long overdue.

Palamanui's investment of over $22 million resulted in the opening of a college campus in West Hawaii. A 30-year dream was realized. Pālamanui provided $12+ million in infrastructure improvements, built and dedicated a $12 million dollar water system and $9.7 million in cash to begin construction of Hawaii Community College Palamanui.

Hawaii Community College Palamanui welcomed the students in the Fall of 2015. Since then, the campus has been on pace with expanded enrollment. It's a bright future for this campus. The vision of Pālamanui is to build a "University Village" community around the college, creating a community where local residents can live, work, play and of course, learn.

Pālamanui is building a community around a college.

Recreational Opportunities

Pālamanui takes tremendous pride in its role facilitating the newest Hawai'i Community College campus, the 11th campus comprising the University of Hawai'i System. Upon completion, HCC Pālamanui will have received $20M in roads, power lines, waterlines and other infrastructure investments that we felt were critical to bring access to higher education to West Hawai'i residents.

Playing and relaxing with 'ohana and friends reflects the heart of a Hawaiian community, and are a big part of the Pālamanui lifestyle.

As we reshape Pālamanui to meet updated community expectations and new real estate markets that reset after the Great Recession, we're putting the Kona CDP into practice and adding 230+ acres of open space and extensive walking and biking trails, a 74-acre dry forest reserve, 230 acres of open space and a 20-acre regional park as well as smaller neighborhood parks.

Local Housing Choices

Throughout Pālamanui, a series of Hawaiian-style residential villages fulfill dreams of residential ownership in diverse shapes and sizes. Most importantly, affordable, family housing addresses a critical need in the local community. Equally inviting is the rare opportunity to enjoy Pālamanui's lifestyle just beyond one's backdoor: recreation, retail, dining and higher education.

As a champion of green building and sustainable design, Pālamanui is committed to creating an eco-responsible residential destination that promotes the health and well-being of family, community and environment. Homes will incorporate regionally unique design methods, resource conservation technologies, and environmentally preferred materials. Pālamanui remains a committed community partner to help shape Kona's future for generations to come.