At a Glance

  • Pālamanui's nearly $20 Million investment will help the vision of Hawai‘i Community College become a reality
  • Higher education coursework and degrees will be available to residents
  • An estimated 150 long-term local jobs will be created by the Hawai‘i Community College
  • Plans include student housing opportunities at Pālamanui

Hawaii Community College Pālamanui Campus

Across from the University Village Town Center, the under construction Hawai‘i Community College Pālamanui Campus (Opening Fall 2015) will serve as the anchor of the new Pālamanui community. The developers of Pālamanui have provided the initial $20 million in preliminary funding and infrastructure to kick start construction, the soon-to-be-opened college campus will provide unprecedented academic opportunities for West Hawai‘i residents.

The initial phases of the campus will incorporate sustainable LEED  building practices with thoughtfully landscaped grounds to serve as the academic home to an indoor/outdoor classroom space that caters to students of all ages, and includes extension classes for local business professionals. Students, faculty and staff enjoy the proximity to every convenience and the day-to-evening vibe of the Pālamanui’s University Village Town Center.


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